22 October, 2011

Jump in the leaves

It's a lovely cold weekend and I don't have school today! I am just enjoying with my cup of green tea. I love this cold weather and I can't wait for snow! This summer was really hot and I kinda had enough of 25+ °C temperature. I have a lot to study,but I just feel like sitting home and watching black and white movies. 
This week I felt like wearing really earthy tones. May I just say, that I am absolutely crazy about that leopard print scarf. You shouldn't overdo it cause it can look a bit tacky. I like it best with nude,brown and beige. Also, these Madewell suede moccasins are so adorable! But the far cutest flats are these Steve Madden ballet flats. I  just can't choose which one of these colors I like the best! 
How about you? What do you think about my first proper post? 

Click on the pictures to see more clearly! 

06 October, 2011

First post ever

Can I  just first say that I've never run fashion blog or really any type of blog on English?
This is my first try. Hopefully someone will read it. Anyone. It would make me happy. I guess.
It would be  a bit silly to write all these things that no one reads except me. That's like talking on a phone to yourself. And that's a bit dumb.

So. For the start, I won't post pictures of myself yet. First I have to do some shopping. I 've already  planned next topics of my posts, so I really hope you will like it.
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